NEWS - Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup  
J÷rg, DelÚtraz and Malja scoring points on the NŘrburgring

Free Practice 1 + 2: As usual the Kaufmann Drivers were able to proof their perfomance straight from the first session on.


In the first session on the technical demanding track of NŘrburgring, J÷rg was P 3, Malja P 6 and Tveter P 18. DelÚtraz unfortunately had an issue on his car.


In the second session Gustav Malja was the fastest man on track P 1 overall. Kevin J÷rg on P 9, Tveter again P 18 and DelÚtraz P 23.


Qualifying 1: In the first qualifying which was postponed due to heavy fog, Tveter was P 9 in Group A.

J÷rg, Malja and DelÚtraz were in Group B. All three drivers showed a good pace untill 3 minutes to the end a red flag stopped all Kaufmann Drivers which were actually just on their flying laps, specially J÷rg who was improving all his sectors and caught the red flag a couple of seconds before the timing line. A very disappointing qualifying in the end with J÷rg P 7, Malja P 10 and DelÚtraz P 13.

Overall on the starting grid: J÷rg P 13, Tveter P 18, Malja P 19 and DelÚtraz P 25.

Race 1: In the first race it was very difficult conditions, as it started to rain very heavy. DelÚtraz and Tveter had problems with those conditions and spun during the race and ended P 23 and P 24. Malja improved to P 14 in the end. Only Kevin J÷rg was able to score points on P 10.

Qualifying 2: In the second qualifying on Sunday morning it was raining. In Group B DelÚtraz was the best of the Kaufmann Drivers on P 4, Malja P 5 and J÷rg on a disappointing P 10 only. Tveter finished P 8 in Group A.

Overall for the race grid: DelÚtraz P 8, Malja P 10, Tveter P 15 and J÷rg P 20.

Race 2: In the second race it was dry track again. J÷rg had a good start and moved up to P 13 after the first lap. After a short Safety Car period Tveter spun into turn 1 and rolled backwards to hit teammate J÷rg. Both had to retire due to a broken rear suspension. Malja finished the race on P 12. Louis DelÚtraz drove a strong race and was fighting for P 5. In the end an unlucky overtaking move made him drop back to P 7. Still a very good performance from the yound Swiss.