NEWS - Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup  
Josef Kaufmann Racing wins Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup 2015 Team Championship - Louis DelÚtraz becomes Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup Vice-Champion - Kevin J÷rg finishs 3rd in the Championship

Free Practice 1 + 2: In the first free practice sesion both Kaufmann Drivers were out on long runs to find the right car setting for the races. J÷rg therefore only P 19 and DelÚtraz on P 26.


In the second free practice the Kaufmann Drivers safed their new tyres for later in the weekend. Again only on used tyres both were able to improve a lot and finished on P 8 Kevin J÷rg and P 14 Louis DelÚtraz.


Qualifying 1: In the first qualifying DelÚtraz was in Group A. In the short and all deciding Qualifying the Kaufmann Team opted for both sets of slick tyres. Louis DelÚtraz drove a strong Qualifying but still came only P 3 in the group.


Kevin J÷rg in Group B was dominating his session. Already on his first set of tyres he was close to match Group A. During the pit stop it started to rain and it wasn┤t possible to improve times anymore. J÷rg fastest in Group B.

Starting Grid for Race 1: J÷rg on P 2 - DelÚtraz on P 5.

Starting Grid for Race 2: J÷rg on P 4 - DelÚtraz on P 5.

Race 1: In the first race it was raining that much, that the race was red flagged and most of the time run behind the Safety Car. With only a few race laps in the end J÷rg finished on P 2 and DelÚtraz on P 4.

Race 2: In the second race on Saturday afternoon, it was raining even more and the whole race was postponed. Similar to race 1, Safety Car and red flags didn┤t allow any proper racing. In the end J÷rg on P 4 and DelÚtraz on P 5.

Qualifying 2: The second qualifying on Sunday morning the weather was still very bad. Massive rain and wind caused many red flags and delays. J÷rg came on P 6 in Group B and DelÚtraz after a 2 hours long Qualifying session was P 2 in his group.

Starting Grid for Race 3: DelÚtraz on P 3 - J÷rg on P 12.

Race 3: The track was still a bit damp for race 3 and the sky looked very cloudy. Kevin J÷rg, whose only chances to claim the Championship title was to finish on the podium, took a risky decision and started the race on wet tyres. In the end this proved to be the wrong decision as it didn┤t rain anymore during the race. J÷rg finished on P 24. Louis DelÚtraz who was able to win the Championship in case he also wins the final race. After a good start he was very fast and put the leading driver under massive pressure. An overtaking move didn┤t work out proper and DelÚtraz dropped back to P 4. In another attempt to gain back his position he went slightly of the track loosing further positions. In the end he finished the race on P 6.

In the end Louis DelÚtraz became Vice-Champion of the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup 2015. Points equal with his teammate Kevin J÷rg who finished 3rd overall. With a total of 4 victories and 11 podium finishs the Team of Josef Kaufmann Racing won the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup Team Trophy 2015. Overall once again a very successful season for the Josef Kaufmann Racing Team.