NEWS Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - 2011


21.08.2011 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - Races 9 + 10 - Silverstone


Kaufmann Driver Frijns takes double victory at Silverstone - Tunjo and Jaminet scoring further points


Free Practice: In the first free practice the track was slightely wet and lap times improved every lap. In the end it was Oscar Tunjo on P 4, Robin Frijns on P 11 and Mathieu Jaminet on P 16.

In the second free practice the track was totally dry. All Kaufmann drivers drove a well practice session. Frijns ended up on P 3, Tunjo on P 8 and Jaminet on P 21.

Qualifying 1: Again, as Qualifying was split into two groups it was Robin Frijns and Mathieu Jaminet in Group A. Frijns drove a perfect Qualifying. Setting the fastest lap times straight from the beginning on. He dominated his group on drove on P 1. Jaminet drove on P 9.

Oscar Tunjo was in Group B. Tunjo drove a good Qualifying and put himself on P5 in his Group. Overall for the starting gridof Race 1 it was Frijns - P 2, Tunjo - P 9, Jaminet P 18.

Race 1: Robin Frijns had a very good start and took over the lead in the first corner. Oscar Tunjo moved up directly to P6 and Mathieu Jaminet as well moved up the standings to P12. During the race it started several times to rain slightly and it was very difficult conditions for all drivers. Tunjo finally dropped back one position in the last lap to P 7. Jaminet on the other hand was able to improve himself to P 9.

Robin Frjns drove a perfect race in the lead of the field. Without any mistake Frijns handled the very tricky circumstances and was able to defend his position untill the end. With a brilliant drive he scored his third victory of the season for the Josef Kaufmann Racing Team.

Qualifying 2: In the Qualifying for the race on Sunday it was Oscar Tunjo first out on track in Group B. Tunjo was struggleing a bit with the conditions and the car and ws only able to set a lap time beeing good enough for P 8 in his group.

Frijns and Jaminet were out after that in Group A. Jaminet drove a good Qualifying putting himself on P 9 in his group. Robin Frijns like the day before was dominating the session untill the end. In the final minute of the qualifying session one driver was able to beat Frijns time by 21/1000 of a sec. So finally Frijns on P 2 in his group.

Overall starting positions for Race 2: Frijns - P 3, Tunjo - P 16, Jaminet - P 17.

Race 2: The Race at Sunday afternoon was again in the hands of Robin Frijns. Frijns had a superb start and moved from P 3 to P 1 already in the first corner. So Frijns was again leading the massive big 38 cars field. Oscar Tunjo and Mathieu Jaminet moved up to positions 13 and 14. Unfortunately in lap 7 Jaminet was crahsed out of the race by another driver. He had to retire because of a broken suspension. Tunjo himself drove a standard race and finished on P 13 as overtaking wasn´t possible for him.

Robin Frijns, like the day before showed all his talent and experience during the race. Lap by lap he was leading the field and didn´t do any mistake at all. Fully concentrated he managed to mantain a small gap to the following cars, so they never had a realistic chance to start any overtaking move. After 14 laps in the lead Frijns took another victory to complete the double in Silverstone.

Pictures from Silverstone