NEWS Formula Renault 2.0 NEC - 2011


17.04.2011 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup - Races 1 + 2  - Motorland Aragon


Robin Frijns scores double podium during Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup 2011 season opener at Motorland Aragon - Mathieu Jaminet and Oscar Tunjo finished in Top 5


Free Practice: In the first free practice Robin Frijns was 5th fastest, Mathieu was 8th and Oscar Tunjo 10th. In the second free practice the Kaufmann Drivers were struggleing with some problems on their new tyres run and were only able to get positions 10 - Oscar Tunjo, 13 - Robin Frijns and 14 - Mathieu Jaminet.

Qualifying 1: Due to the high number of cars in Formula Renault Eurocup the Qualifying is split into two groups. Robin Frijns was in Group A. The young Dutch was able to qualify himself on P2 in his group. Mathieu Jaminet and Oscar Tunjo had been in Group B. Mathieu Jaminet as well qualifyied on P2 in his group and Oscar Tunjo on P5. The Kaufmann Drivers had following positions on the final starting grid. Frijns - P3, Jaminet - P4 and Tunjo - P10.

Race 1: Robin Frijns had a good start and moved up to P2. A big crash at the start caused a Safety Car Period from the first lap on. Mathieu Jaminet dropped to P5 and Oscar Tunjo moved up to P6. After the Safety Car Period Frijns was fighting for P2 and had some overtaking action going on. In the end the young Dutch stayed on P2 and took his first podium of the year. Mathieu Jaminet and Oscar Tunjo took advantage of one competitior retireing in front of them. They finished on P4 - Matheiu Jaminet and P5 - Oscar Tunjo.

Qualifying 2: In the Qualifying for the race on Sunday, Oscar Tunjo qualified on P5 and Mathieu Jaminet on P6 in their group. Robin Frijns like the day before qualifyied himself on P2 in his group. The grid looked like follows: Frijns P3, Tunjo P9, Jaminet P11.

Race 2: Frijns was able to hold his position at the start and was following the two leaders. During the whole race Frijns was racing at a good pace but wasn´t able to start an overtaking move. Finally Frijns finished on P3 and took his second podium of the weekend. Oscar Tunjo moved up one position at the start but only made it upto the hairpin of the first lap. The young Columbian was involved in an accident and damaged his front suspension. Mathieu Jaminet had to avoid an accident in the first lap and dropped back to last position of the field. He was finally able to finish on P17.

Pictures from Motorland Aragon